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You can buy manuals for learning English, developed and published by our school.

PREPOSITIONS (by Dr. Sean Dindar)

One of the most common mistakes when learning English is an incorrect usage of prepositions. This manual is written for Russian speakers and the author will try to give an exact translation of Russian prepositions into English. Prepositions in Russian are used in the different word forms and have a variety of analogues in English. Therefore, without knowing the exact translation of the Russian preposition, you can inadvertently confuse your English listener. The manual is printed in a table and is designed for students from beginners to intermediate level of English study.
Price: 35 UAH*

A GLIMPSE OF BRITAIN (by Dr. Sean Dindar)

This booklet not only gives you a short summary about The UK (The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland) but also helps you improve your reading skills.
It consists of short texts read by a native speaker. By listening to them you can get familiar with the pronunciation of many words that you have already learned and get ready to feel the music of English language./span>
Includes CD

Price: 45 UAH*



SHORT CUT General Course of English (by Dr. Sean Dindar)

Price: 70 UAH*


A Concise Grammar of English


Price: 75 UAH*

* The price excludes delivery charge

Delivery charge: 30 UAH.



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